Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not Up To Much

Hey All or No One!
I am just sitting here with my husband burning disks into I-tunes and laughing at all the crazy music that our friends Joe and Veronica have in their collection.... See... They left all of their CDs here from the party we had last weekend and so I figured I would put them on my Ipod! Score!
I like getting new music....
My life has been in a bit of a frenzy lately and I really have not had much time to commit to sitting down and doing crafts like I would like. I did recently get two new books though.... Not your mamas stitching by Kate Shoup. The book seems really great so far although I feel like the introduction is a little long winded. I havent gotten to any of the projects yet but I will let ya know how they go!
I also got another book called Sublime Stitching by Jenny Hart. This book looks AWESOME! It has instructions in the front for embroidery beginners and a TON of iron on patterns in several sizes. I haven't started to look through that one yet, I will let ya know how that one goes too....

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