Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So..... I really like to craft, that was the point of this blog right? To try to craft my way through quitting smoking..... Turns out, I didn't need something to help me quit, it was just a matter of having something else to inspire me to do it.
My inspiration was a combination of wanting WLS ( Weight Loss Surgery) and also being ridiculously sick of always having a cold.....

I am currently working on getting the Lap-Band surgery. I have been working at this since 04/2009..... This seems to be taking FOREVER.... I am not the most impatient person on the planet but CHRIST this is ridiculous! It seems like whenever I can the doctors office to see if they have sent my paperwork off to the insurance company that all I get is the run around....
You know what is the most messed up thing about it? They made me pay upfront, before they would send off my information.... Have I paid? Yes..... Have they sent off my paperwork? NO..... STUPID!
I really feel like this could be the tool that I need to get healthy and really get this weight thing under control.....
Good news: I haven't gained any weight since quit smoking. I feel like that is a real accomplishment.
Unfortunately, Life gets in the way sometimes and we become stagnant. I found other things that occupy my time instead of crafting.... I feel like I really need to get back to it though. I need to find some way to let my creative juices flow. Some way to blow off steam other than sitting on my ass at night and watching TV.
I probably wont be doing much crafting in the next few weeks because I am studying for my Series 6 certification.... ( That is a license that starts me on the path to becoming a financial planner).
However, maybe because I know that I will be stressed , I should MAKE it a POINT to craft.... even if it is just a little dinky 5 minute project, it will probably blow off some steam..... Hmmmm....... Something to think about.

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